Dentist feedback wanted

You’re wanted to provide feedback on a new range of toothpastes and mouthwash.

The new dental products allow people to repair daily wear caused by the acid in plaque before it leads to decay.

BlanX Labaratories are appealing for surgeries to trial the BioRepair formula, which uses bio-active micro-crystals to bond with the teeth’s natural dentine and form a protective layer over nerve endings and repair the enamel.

Now the manufacturers are planning to distribute samples in exchange for valuable feedback from dentists.

Blanx’s Lisa Cattell said: ‘There is a great deal of revolutionary science behind the BioRepair range and we’re really interested to find out what dentists and the oral care industry think of the products.

‘We have launched the products in Boots and the range includes a variant for sensitive teeth, a paste that protects the teeth during your sleep and the UK’s first enamel-repair mouthwash.

‘Any dentists who would like to trial the product and give us their thoughts should get in touch and we will supply samples.’

The unique science behind BioRepair has been developed by Italian chemist, Professor Roveri, and incorporates a component that has historically been used in bone surgery.

The hydroxyapatite microcrystals contained in BioRepair®are identical to the hydroxyapatite that makes up dentine and tooth enamel.

The tiny crystals can penetrate into the smallest cracks and flaws in teeth, where they dissolve and bind into the structure of the enamel and dentine to remineralise and repair the teeth while also protecting against sensitivity.

Any dentists wishing to take part in the trials should contact [email protected] for more information. Fifty sets of the BioRepair range will be made available for the trials.

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