Oral piercings can lead to dental problems

Tongue and lips piercings can create dental complications, according to a new study.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) have found that oral tissue piercings fracture teeth and increase dental complications in early adulthood.

Dr Liran Levin, a dentist from the Department of Oral Rehabilitation, School of Dental Medicine at Tel Aviv University said that about 15-20% of teens with oral piercings are at high risk for both tooth fractures and gum disease.

This may result in tooth fractures as well as periodontal problems, which in turn may lead to anterior tooth loss later in life.

Levin also stated that high rates of fractures due to piercings are not found in other age groups, and cases of severe periodontal damage in teens without oral piercings are similarly rare.

Their earlier research was carried out on 400 young adults aged 18-19, but in their new study captures a larger area detailing the risks and complications of oral piercings, drawing on research from multiple centres in America and across the world.

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