Making the connection…

You have all probably all heard it said that people will only normally do business with people they like and can associate with and that the most important part of the sales process is the ‘building relationship’ side.

I strongly believe this and would like to share a personal story with you to back up this case.

This writer on a whim has joined the many thousands and become a first-time property developer. I decided to fiancé a builder to buy a very run down property, to develop it and then sell on. In it’s a good area and the deal fitted with my risk taking. What I needed however was finance to do the deal quickly. So I contacted my existing bank and for the purposes of this article let’s call them EXISTING BANK and I also contacted a client who I do business with and let’s call then NEW BANK. On the basis that I am borrowing more than £140,000 I decided to ask them to visit my offices, EXISTING BANK at 2.00pm. Followed by NEW BANK at 4.00pm.

EXISTING BANK arrived and they were two of them and they were nice and pleasant. Built rapport fairly well, although they were questioning on me on what I did as a business (20 years a customer), and they offered a really good scheme and I said that I would chew it over with my wife (who incidentally I hadn’t discussed it with properly yet) and they left. It was a good experience.

NEW BANK arrived on time and there was just one of them and he was called Brian. Brian spent the first few minutes asking me lots of questions about my business and asking me lots of questions about my website that he had visited the day before and also some of the training that I had delivered. We must have spent at least 20 minutes discussing my business and my life and I was in my element.

You see ME is my favourite conversation. He asked me questions about what I required and presented some quotations that he had already prepared on the basis of a quick telephone conversation we had on the telephone the day earlier. You know what I had already decided to do business with Brian and NEW BANK and this was before I had seen the offer he was making to me. I was very impressed and I had probably decided in about five minutes. Why? Because Brian had taken the trouble to find out all about me, before he came to see me and was genuinely interested. We also found several topics we were genuinely interested in football, cricket etc. We were connecting.

He knew about my urgency for the money and I explained that I needed to speak with my wife before I could make a final decision, as she was signing the forms. With this, he said: ‘Lets complete some of this difficult information and I can always collect the rest, once you have discussed with your wife.’

This guy had Ashley Lattered me. Let me also explain what has happened since…

One of his associates came and collected the forms within 24 hours and all necessary paperwork. I had regular telephone calls from his PA, Stephanie, every other day informing me of the progress of the loan. Once we had completed, I got a telephone call telling me the money was ready and able to spend. A few days later I got a bunch of flowers thanking me for my business and for choosing NEW BANK.

It was harder to do business with NEW BANK as I had to provide information that my existing bank already had. However, it was joy to do business with them, too.

I find in life that for every 100 purchases/transactions I make, about 3-4% are memorable and enjoyable. The other 96% are okay/nothing special, or the service is not good and you don’t enjoy it. So I am delighted to share one of the 3-4% experiences.

Some key points to learn here:

• Spend some time in preparation. Learn all about your patients, read their records and have staff meetings. Remember proper preparation prevents **** poor performance

• Focus on getting the customer to like you and CONNECT with the patient. It is only when you CONNECT will a transaction be done. Remember, I honestly believe that most business decisions are made in just a few minutes.

• Look the part

• Once you have gained commitment, do everything as possible to make the experience a GREAT one.

• ‘Wow’ them at every opportunity, keep them updated in what is going on and, of course, (common sense here) thank them for your business.

• Ring the patient at home after and ask them how everything is going.

The interested thing was that a few days ago, he asked me for any referrals and you know what, it is now on my radar and it would be a pleasure to help him.

Last thought – and something I would like to leave with you. Please focus on building relationships with your patients. Remember it is only when you CONNECT will a transaction take place.

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