The Smile Awards are go!

It’s no secret, that the cosmetic dentistry market is huge and growing. In fact, a recent estimate predicted the value inside the UK to be in excess of £280 million annually! With television programmes such as 10 years younger topping the viewing listings and the impressive coverage given to smile makeovers, this market will just keep on growing.

As a company dedicated to dental professionals and communication, FMC feels it is essential to reward those

exceptional individuals who are dedicated to delivering the best aesthetic treatments with the highest level of

clinical care.

With that in mind, the Smile Awards have been created to award clinical excellence in dental and facial aesthetics. With awards ranging from minimally invasive orthodontics to complete maxillofacial reconstruction, these awards are designed to reward and acknowledge all those dentists practicing at the highest level of aesthetic dentistry. The Smile Awards will take place next year on Friday, 20 March 2009.

The launch

The awards were officially launched at the Royal Society of Medicine in the evening of Monday, 14 April. I was struck by what a fantastic building the Royal Society of Medicine is, with a subtle blend of modern and classic architecture, it was the perfect choice of venue for such an occasion.

The judges arrived and the room was filled with lively conversation about the awards themselves and the usual

conversation you get when you fill a room with respected dentists. It’s obvious that they are all behind these awards 100% and pleased that this area of the dental profession is being pushed closer to the front of the industry.

Emily Cameron, managing director of FMC, kicked off the launch with an inspiring speech outlining the aims of the awards. Emily then moved on to a more detailed look at the various awards. They include: Orthodontic Smile Award, Conservative Smile Award, Restorative Smile Award, Interdisciplinary Smile Award, Facial reconstruction Award, Facial Aesthetic Award, Aesthetic Technician Award, the Patient’s Smile Award, Generosity of a Smile Award and finally The Smile Award. Most interesting and applauded is the Generosity of a Smile Award that aims to acknowledge the pro bono work carried out by a particular dentist.

The judges

The list of judges has some impressive names on it including Dr Christopher Orr, Dr Linda Greenwall, Dr Mervyn Druian, Dr Komal Suri and Dr Peter Ilori, among a whole host of other renowned names. Also on the list, and a major coup for FMC, is Alice Hart Davis, an award-winning beauty journalist who writes for publications including Observer Woman, the Daily Telegraph, the Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine, London’s Evening Standard and occasionally pops up on GMTV. Alice is a big name in the consumer press and her support is befitting an event of this nature.

Speaking at the event, Emily Cameron said: ‘In ten years at FMC I can honestly say that I have not been so excited and fired up by a project as I am with the Smile Awards – the reaction from our distinguished panel of judges has been far above my expectations. To have a high level of commitment from the most highly respected leaders in the profession, who’s time is extremely limited, is testament that these awards will be embraced by the profession.’

Dr Peter Ilori, owner of Octogon Orthodontics and winner of the Dentistry Awards 2007 best South East practice, said: ‘It’s an honour to be invited to judge these awards. Those dentists already pushing themselves to the highest level in this area of dentistry should definitely enter. But what I would like to see, following this launch, is dentists across the country raising their game and going all out to demonstrate their impressive capabilities. It’s not to say that they haven’t been already, but these awards could be just the encouragement they need, and a way to gain recognition for the quality of their skilled work.’

Victoria Geddes, manager of FMC Professional, said: ‘The Smile Awards received a great reaction from the judges at the launch; it was great to see so much enthusiasm in one room. The Smile Awards will offer dentists and oral surgeons the chance to get the acknowledgment they deserve for the smiles they are creating.’

The final thought

The awards themselves will be held at The Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington on Friday, 20 March 2009. Emily Cameron said: ‘The Smile Awards will be the most glamorous and illustrious awards ceremony in the dental calendar and I am thrilled to be a part of them.’ We can’t wait!

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