Cadbury launches ‘tooth-building’ gum

Cadbury has hit the US market with a gum that includes an ingredient it claims will help rebuild tooth enamel.

Cadbury Adams, the confectionery giant’s US arm, has unveiled Trident Xtra Care.

The new gum includes Recaldent, a form of calcium that ‘increases tooth remineralisation’ and is derived from milk, the company said.

Cadbury, which has the exclusive US rights to the Recaldent ingredient, said Trident Xtra Care was a ‘significant advance’ for chewing gum in the US.

‘Recaldent is a powerful ingredient that actually replenishes calcium and phosphate to remineralise and protect teeth by filling in the tiny crevices where cavities can form,’ said Dr Doris Tancredi, vice president, regulatory and emerging science, Cadbury Schweppes Americas Confectionary.

‘The result is that teeth become stronger and less vulnerable to future damage.’

Trident Xtra Care is available in two flavours – peppermint and cool mint.

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