Dear Coach, can you help us zone our appointment book…

Coach Chris Barrow does the maths.

Dear coach

Can you give us an indication as to how many days/sessions per week of hygiene time is needed on a GDP working four days a week using hygiene-led appointments where possible please?

This will help us zone our appointment book.

Dear client

It’s all in the maths:

1,000 adult patients needing two half-hour appointments a year with hygienist plus 15 minutes for the hygiene-led assessment:

= 0.75hours * twice a year * 1000 patients = 1500 hours hygiene per year.

If 80% take-up: 1,200 Hours Hygiene.

1200/6 hours hygiene production per day (allowing 1-1.5 hours a day for lost production) = 200 days Hygiene per year.

200 days divided by 46 weeks work per year = 4.4 days hygiene per week.

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