Editor’s blog 7: Lucky number se7en

I’m here again with another blog\. This week it’s a look at WAC’s Hygienist programme, some news, and a bit about the recent buzz on the forum\. Read on MacDuff.

So I’m back again, and I am feeling nervous. Actually a bit more than nervous, one might even say, ‘bricking it’. However, there is no outside force making me feel this way, in fact I brought it on myself! So with no further ado, here’s what’s going on: I will be saying a few words at WAC to start off the Hygienist programme. What an opportunity! In truth I am nervous but it’s heavily tinged with excitement, the programme will be fantastic and I am honoured to have the chance to speak to you there.

It’s been a busy old time in the world of Preventive Dentistry magazine. The latest issue closed yesterday and will be sliding through your doors sometime soon. It’s absolutely packed, the largest issue since I took over as editor, big news! Also, rather excitingly, yesterday marked exactly a year to the day since I started work at FMC. Good times. It’s flown by!

Anyway, that’s absolutely enough about me. Let’s take a look at WAC, it’s almost upon us, not long to go. This year is special because we have a programme especially for Hygienists. So let’s take a proper look at it…

As you will be well aware, as from 1 August 2008, all hygienists will have to gain verifiable CPD hours. This is where WAC can support and help you! This event is worth 14 verifiable CPD hours, which is a considerable proportion of the verifiable CPD hours that you will need to start gaining – so why not get a head start?

Key speakers on the WAC Hygienist programme include Ann Gilbert, Juliette Reeves, Mhari Coxon and Amanda Gallie. Other main speakers include Anita Jupp, Mark Oborn, Patrick Lucocq, Ash Parmar, Rahul Doshi, Ian Buckle, Terence Donovan and John Cranham, plus more.

WAC 2008, and certainly the Hygienist Programme should be a definite date in your diary! The event has quickly established itself as one of the UK’s finest practical aesthetic dentistry events. Delegates from last year have positively commented: ‘This is my third consecutive year and I thoroughly recommend WAC for the whole team. The outstanding speakers have something for each team member. You will always learn something new and improve your way of doing things.’

In the news at the moment is the information that cigarette packets throughout the European Union could soon be carrying images of dead bodies, cancerous tumours, rotting teeth, and diseased organs as part of a campaign to show the public and especially young people, the dangers of smoking.

The European Commission has unveiled a database of over 40 pictures that national governments can now make manufacturers put on the packets alongside existing warnings such as ‘smokers die younger’ and ‘Smoking causes fatal lung cancer’.

Presenting the photos, David Byrne, the EU’s public health commissioner, said: ‘People need to be shocked out of their complacency about tobacco. The true face of smoking is disease, death, and horror—not the glamour and sophistication the pushers in the tobacco industry try to portray.’

The use of pictures to try to shock smokers and would be smokers was pioneered with success in Canada. Thailand, Brazil, and Singapore have already followed suit, and Ireland and Belgium have confirmed they will do so next year. The British government also looked into their use and from the 30th September they will be on all packs sold! Victory, it seems.

The use of shock factor is a powerful way to get a message across. I can honestly say that seeing the pictures has freaked me out. They are in my mind and are actually having some effect in drawing me to think about what it can mean if you smoke, and continue to smoke a lot through your life. I for one firmly support this initiative and hope it works for everyone else. What are your views on this one? Email me at [email protected].

I would also like to quickly mention that the website forums are beginning to get some buzz about them. There are some good topics being discussed right now and it’s great to see people getting involved! Let’s keep it going, and check out the forums to see what your peers are talking about.

Well, that about wraps it up for this blog. I’ll be back next week, so until then, take care and get on those forums people, there’s a lot we need to talk about!

Tom Roberts
Managing Editor

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01923 851756

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