Dental clinic seeks bone marrow donor

A dental clinic in Liverpool is joining the effort to save the life of a little girl today (Wednesday).

The Pall Mall Dental Clinic has joined with The Anthony Nolan Trust in a bid to find a bone marrow donor for eight-year-old Faye Lafferty.

Faye suffers from aplastic anaemia, a rare life-threatening disorder characterised by the failure of the bone marrow to produce blood cells – and her only chance of a long life is a bone marrow transplant.

It leads to a severe shortage of all types of blood cell causing tiredness, susceptibility to infection and serious problems with bleeding.

The Anthony Nolan Trust has organised the clinic’s search for potential bone marrow donors.

The arrangement came about after the charity helped the best friend of Dr Andrew Healy, the proprietor of the dental clinic, to receive a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

The Anthony Nolan Trust registration session takes place at the Pall Mall Dental Clinic, 42 Pall Mall, Liverpool between 5-7pm.

For further details on being a donor, please contact the dental clinic on 0151 258 1968 or the Anthony Nolan website,

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