‘Keep us on the register’ say retired dentists

Retired dentists want to stay on the GDC Register – thereby making a distinction between those taken off for ‘dishonourable’ reasons and those who have simply retired.

They want it at a nominal cost and without CPD requirements.

Currently, dentists who retire and do not wish to keep up with the requirements for CPD and pay the £438 registration fee are struck off.

During the second reading of the Bill in the House of Lords, Baroness Gardner of Parkes has stated her intention to table an amendment to the forthcoming Health and Social Care Bill.

She explained: ‘This lack of distinction between the honourable and the dishonourable absence from the register is invidious and upset many dentists…

‘There is a public interest in non-practising dentists remaining on the list, as many non-practising dentists continue to work on boards, trusts, charities and other bodies, public and private.

‘If they claim to have been dentists with an honourable record, it should be verifiable.’

Baroness Gardner is appealing to interested dentists to write to their MPs in April supporting her amendment that will enable the GDC to set up a separate list for dentists not currently practising.

‘This is what I object to the most,’ said Baroness Gardner speaking to the DPA.

‘You get a letter saying you have been struck off after a lifetime of honourable service. It is the same whether you are a retired dentist or have been struck off for malpractice.’

The proposed system will be similar to that which already operates for other healthcare professionals such as doctors as laws governing the General Medical Council (GMC) permit this and do not permit the GDC to have this type of list.

Baroness Gardner added: ‘I am also looking to see if there is a case for a reduced registration fee for dentists who are not retired, but for various reasons have only a minimal or no commitment to practice.’

Final decision as to whether to have a non-practising list would be with the GDC but they do not have this choice at present.

If adopted in the House of Lords, the amendment may be accepted by the Commons.

If not, it will be referred for further debate.

You can find the address of your MP by visiting www.WriteToThem.com

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