Health alert over ‘illegal’ whitening kits

Health officials have warned people not use teeth whitening kits containing dangerously high levels of hydrogen peroxide that were being sold by a UK company on the internet.

Officers from Northamptonshire Trading Standards seized the kits from a firm – they apparently have more than 100 times the legal amount of the chemical.

The authority has warned anyone who may have bought one of the kits not to use them, claiming ‘high levels of hydrogen peroxide can act as a weak cancer promoter, stimulating the growth or multiplication of cancer cells’.

Northamptonshire County Council’s cabinet member for community safety, Cllr Liz Tavener, said: ‘Tooth whiteners have increased in popularity over the past few years and people may have chosen one of these kits believing them to be safe to use.

‘But anyone getting tooth whitening done should ask whether the product they are using contains hydrogen peroxide over 0.1%.

‘Anyone who thinks they may have bought these items should not use them and contact trading standards for advice.’

The kits were being imported to the UK by the Northampton-based company then sold over the internet as well as to dentists and other businesses.

Trading Standards has told all businesses found selling the product to stop and warned them any further sales will lead to enforcement action.

Authorities have also warned people who may have bought the teeth whitening kits over the internet not to use them.

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