Lab goes ‘Wii’ to create perfect-fitting dentures!

A new invention is using the concept of a virtual reality game console to create perfect dentures.

The Wii – the video game from Nintendo that allows players to control the game action by moving their arms in front of a motion-sensor – made its global debut in 2006.

The ‘dental Wii’ is the creation of US company SensAble Technologies, whose 3-D touch-enabled modelling systems can be used to design partial sets of false teeth.

SensAble showed off their system at Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Show last week.

According to the company, its products allow dentists to give patients sets of well-fitting replacement teeth in less time than older methods because the transition of measurement information from the dentist’s chair to a lab technician is quicker.

Their dental lab customers apparently refer to this system as a ‘dental Wii’ because the technician relies ‘on touch-enabled technology similar to virtual reality gaming’.

Referring to its dental lab system on the company’s website,, SensAble explains: ‘the solution uniquely incorporates ‘3D virtual touch’ technology so that lab technicians can ‘feel’ the on-screen image – and work as naturally and directly with a computer-based system as they do when using traditional hand-waxing techniques.’

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