No registration – no job

The GDC has stepped up its warnings for dental technicians yet to register with the Council as the deadline closes in.

Speaking at last week’s Council meeting in Cardiff, GDC president Hew Mathewson said: ‘It’s that simple. If you’re a dental technician wondering about whether to register or not, the message from the GDC is loud and clear – register now or find a new career.

‘If you pass up the chance to register during transition, it will be too late. There’s no opting out. If someone advises you not to register, why not ask them if they’ll pay your fine, or subsidise your lab when the work stops in August?’

GDC chief executive Duncan Rudkin added: ‘From August next year, if you’re not registered and you call yourself a dental technician, we will prosecute you in court.

‘If you call yourself something else but imply that you are a dental technician, we will prosecute you in court. And if you are a GDC registrant sending lab work to unregistered technicians or employing them as such, you’ll face fitness to practise proceedings and put your own registration at risk.’

The Council has issued this sharp warning to dental technicians as the legal deadline for registration of July 2008 approaches.

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