Caries a major health concern

On the cover of issue we have placed a sample of Colgate FluoriGard.

Dental caries remains a major health and social problem and has the largest public health impact of all oral conditions The World Health Organisation estimated that five billion people worldwide had experienced dental caries, with 60-90% of school children affected and the vast majority of adults (World Oral Health Report, 2003).

Colgate FluoriGard offers a choice of daily fluoride mouth rinses that are ideal for protecting teeth against caries in patients of all ages.

Colgate FluoriGard Daily is clinically proven to reduce dentinal decay by up to 40% (Colgate has data on file), delivering the triple-action benefit of fluoride and protecting and strengthening tooth enamel.

Colgate FluoriGard Alcohol Free gives an alternative option to those patients who prefer an alcohol-free variant of mouthwash, such as children or dry mouth sufferers (Not suitable for children under six years

of age).

Call the Colgate customer care team on 01483 401 901 to receive your free FluoriGard patient sample pack, containing 50 FluoriGard Alcohol Free sachets and a convenient display case (while stocks past).

Call the number if your copy of Dentistry does not contain the free sample.

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