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28 September 7:00pm London

Style Italiano = FMT with P (Fast Modelling Technique with Posterior)

Speakers: Dr Mohammad Al Hasani Dr Hassan Hikmat
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StyleItaliano = FMT with P (Fast Modelling Technique with Posterior)

The aim of this webinar is to show participants how to solve daily problems when restoring posterior teeth in direct restorations.

The most common problems will be presented and the solution of each one will be discussed, and the restoration of the occlusal anatomy with a fast and reliable technique will developed.

Learning outcomes

  • Isolate the correct way
  • Cavity design
  • Adhesion the correct way
  • Contact point management
  • Restoring the occlusal anatomy with the fast modelling technique
  • Finishing and polishing protocols
  • Maintenance and follow up of the restorations.


Speaker: Dr Mohammad Al Hasani

Dr. Al Hasani received his dentistry degree from Babylon University in 2017.

He has attended a lot of courses inside and outside of his country in the field of restorative dentistry, focusing mainly in the direct composite restorations.

In 2020 he completed a Style Italiano professional diploma in Iraq.

Currently, he gives courses in direct composite restorations, focusing on posterior composite restorations and sharing his passion inside and outside of Iraq.

Speaker: Dr Hassan Hikmat

Dr Hikmat graduated from the college of dentistry of Alanbar University in the year 2016.

He has been an official DSD Certified member since 2017.

Since the, he has worked in a private dental clinic in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.

In his practice he focuses on the high quality of restorative and adhesive dentistry.

He also give courses about direct composite restorations in Iraq and other countries,  and is a speaker in local and many international dental events.

His main goal is to make wonderful dentistry, lecturing about it and sharing his passion, which he believes is the real pleasure of being a dentist.

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This Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity fully complies with the CPD requirements of the General Dental Council.

FMC certifies this activity for one hour of enhanced CPD in the subject of StyleItaliano = FMT with P (Fast Modelling Technique with Posterior).

This CPD meets the criteria for the GDC’s development outcome C.

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