Oral Plasters?

A new concept in intraoral wound dressing, Ora-Aid is a non-eugenol protective dressing material that works similarly to a plaster.

Ora-Aid can be applied in many treatment cases, such as implant surgery, tooth extraction, periodontal treatment & surgery, ulcers, orthodontia and most oral wounds.

We would value your opinions and in return you will receive a box of Ora-aid plasters when they arrive in the UK.

Imagine if you could place a plaster over a wound post extraction, post implant surgery, over apthous ulcers and orthodontic brackets. Would your patients find this more comfortable?

On completion of the survey you will receive a sample pack of plasters for you to try in your practice (worth £25), when they arrive in the UK. Simply tick the boxes and complete your details at the end.

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