Moving from being a good practice to a great business – take up the Challenge.

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ is a Chinese proverb attributed to Lao Tzu and its use as an analogy for dental businesses is highly appropriate. The changes in the dental environment over recent years have included increasing competitiveness, rising corporatisation, changes in regulation and more demanding patients, all of which have combined to create a climate in which those who are most focused on business are set to succeed.

In launching the Good to Great Challenge, Software of Excellence accepts that for many dentists the journey to improvement is difficult and unfamiliar. That’s why they have established a formal programme and dedicated website, where dentists can talk about the challenges they are facing, share their progress and celebrate their success.

The journey from Good to Great always begins with the motivation of the principal or practice owner. Their personal and business objectives form the core of what they as a practice are trying to achieve, and although Software of Excellence is there to help on every stage of the journey, we are not prescriptive about where or what the final destination should be. Ours is a role of advice, consultation and empowering practices, enabling them to benefit from our experience and that of the many hundreds of practices with which we have travelled the journey to improvement over the last few years. We want to show dentists how they can optimise their performance, grow their businesses and ultimately achieve their goals.

The development of a series of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) has originated from our work with over 1500 practices. Using the practice’s data, taken directly out of EXACT, we can track monthly performance improvements and demonstrate how improved processes deliver greater efficiency throughout the practice’s workflow.

Having worked with so many practices, we are now ready to give the whole market the benefit of our experience and have launched the Good to Great Challenge, to encourage dentists to think more clearly about how they can optimise performance and maximise revenue.

Practices that take up the Challenge are supported for a full 12 months by a dedicated Challenge Consultant, who will provide monthly monitoring of pre-determined KPIs. Each

month the Challenge consultant will identify the top KPIs in which performance levels have made the greatest improvement and these statistics will be published via the practice’s profile on the dedicated challenge website. This statistical insight, together with our consultants’ experience and knowledge, will provide the perfect foundation for starting the practice as it begins its journey.

We ask dentists and managers to share their business outcomes because we know that peer-to-peer experience resonates strongly and that dentists get great value from listening to and reading about the challenges faced by practices similar to their own. The Good to Great website, along with social media links, provide the perfect sharing platform and these channels will include written blogs, photos, video content and monthly reports. In addition, we have a special section on the website called ‘lightbulb moments’ – that critical point when the pathway to success suddenly becomes clear or when performance clicks into place. We believe the passion of those dentists who are benefiting from the challenge will inspire and motivate their peers to take the first step on their journey too. 

Dentists who will gain most from joining the challenge are those who are engaged, pro-active, driven and will trust our experience and follow the advice we offer. Above all we know the challenge will work best for those dentists who already regard their practice as a business and want specific tools to help optimise their performance.

In creating the Good to Great Challenge, we are continuing the business outcome focus that Software of Excellence has adopted for our customers over the past five years. This approach has helped to differentiate us in a market that in the main, is still fully focussed around the relative features of competing software systems. In contrast our aim remains driven by our desire to help practices unlock their opportunity and the Good to Great Challenge is the next step on our journey to helping practices realise their potential.

If you feel ready for the challenge, or want to follow the progress of other practices, visit the Good to Great Challenge website at or call 01634 266870

Alternatively speak to an expert here:

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