More than ever, the name Velopex stands for quality, innovation and practice-building performance treatment and diagnostics systems within the Dental, Veterinary and Medical professions.

Velopex has extended its product development programme beyond diagnostics into advanced patient treatment systems, launching the revolutionary pain-free Velopex Aquacut Quattro AquaAbrasion™ (Air Abrasion with Fluid Sleeve) for cutting and stain removal, plus patient-friendly Diode Lasers for hard and soft tissue procedures.

The Velopex diagnostics product portfolio has been progressively developed to include Velopex Automatic Daylight X-Ray Film Processors, Processing Chemicals, X-ray Film Viewers, Intra-Oral and Panoral Dental Films and the unique Velopex Vischeck X-Ray Processing Quality Control system and test film strips.

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