Manufacturing Dental Equipment in Hertfordshire since 1969, Tridac have achieved a reputation for well designed, durable equipment, popular with Health Trusts and Private Practices alike.

Now, as one of Britain’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of Dental Equipment, our products include Chair Units which are Ambidextrous ‘as standard’, plus those designed to provide ease of access for the less agile, and those for use in confined spaces.

Delivery Units are produced to suit all surgery requirements, whether chair mounted, cabinet mounted or as a mobile cart, and can be supplied with the latest equipment installed to suit specific needs. Similarly, Spittoons are available chair mounted or as a mobile unit, with a wide range of built-in aspiration options.

Dental Lights, whether chair, wall, or ceiling mounted, can be of Halogen, or high spec LED light source, and can even include an integral Camera.

All our manufactured equipment is of clean uncluttered design, and of high build quality at a reasonable price.

Tel:   01923 242398

E.mail: [email protected]



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