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We believe that education should be an essential part of a dentist’s life and it should go beyond learning, it should also be about being innovative and adopting new approaches. We have been sharing our knowledge by lecturing and carrying out courses and workshops internationally for many years and now we are running our courses in the UK. We are offering trainings from “Introduction to Lasers” to in-practice tutoring courses and every step in between to make you a laser expert. Our mission is to build a close network of laser dentistry practitioners, being in close contact even long after they are trained by us, trying to be their Laser Dentistry solutions partner.

Seesaw cooperates with the world’s leading lasers in dentistry education and research provider Aachen Dental Laser Centre (AALZ).

Half/One day Introduction Courses: We provide hard and soft tissue lasers introduction courses for dentists and dental hygienists.

One-to-One Course & Mentoring at Your Practice: We tailor a course in lasers in dentistry only for your team to use your laser more effectively.

Diode & Erbium Lasers Certification Courses: We provide both soft and hard tissue lasers in dentistry certification courses which are aimed clinical confidence.

One Year Mastership Programme is accredited towards the MSc Programme in Aachen University. Participants are taught fundamental physical and technical knowledge and how to recognize primary, secondary, and tertiary indications on twelve attendance days split into three modules including the realisation of five clinical cases.


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