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Most surgeries have a burglar alarm that is set at the end of the day. The alarm will produce an audible noise to alert those in close proximity and deter the offender, and also sends a signal to the monitoring station. It is the job of the monitoring station to alert the relevant emergency services and notify the keyholder that there has been an activation.

But who should be the person that provides this response? What responsibilities are there for the practice to ensure the safety of the responder? Most importantly, what if something happens to the keyholder while responding to the activation? There is legislation in place regarding lone workers on premises and staff are not insured unless the regulations are adhered to.

It can be a very daunting task to leave the safety and comfort of your home to deal with an activation in the middle of the night. It may not be convenient to leave the family behind while dealing with whatever incident has occurred. Could It be that there is still an intruder at the premises? Maybe the alarm will not reset and an engineer has to be called to attend.

Security 24 Guarding are an established Security company inspected to ISO9001 in the provision of keyholding services. The company supply fully trained, licensed and insured staff to respond to alarm activations on your behalf. The company is an accredited Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor. Speak to Security 24 Guarding today to find out how they can help your surgery respond to any alarm activations that may occur at your premises.

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