QuickLase QuickWhite

We develop, manufacture and sell advanced soft tissue management laser systems (QuickLase) and tooth bleaching/whitening devices and kits (QuickWhite). All our products are technologically competitive and sell for significantly less than comparable alternative systems.

We are an ISO 9001 R&D manufacturing company with over 15 years of experience in the market with CE Medical Directive and FDA laser certifications. We work with our dentists to get the latest and best systems in the world.

QuickLase have a number of soft tissue management laser systems. The 810nm single wavelength technology with 3w and 5w power. The Dual 810nm and 980nm wavelengths technology with 8w and 10w power for ultimate coagulation and ablation/cutting. NO OTHER LASER LIKE IT with this technology with over 2200 lasers sold in the dental field, Quicklase are the market leaders in this area. All lasers come complete with all accessories and a carrying case as well as on-line training.

In addition, QuickWhite launched their new ‘LowCost’ whitening for both in-surgery Power Peroxide and home Carbamide whitening, the teeth whitening brand is well known for its effectiveness, fast whitening. It’s the most economical kits sold in the market from £19.50 per patient and supported by patients marketing in addition to the new Eco packaging option.

See our website www.quicklase.com or call us on 01227 780009 for the latest prices and offers.

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