Prestige Medical

The Authority in Sterilisation

Established for more than 20 years, Prestige Medical are world leaders in Infection Control, specialising in the design, manufacture and sale of bench top autoclaves and washer disinfector dryers.

Providing the healthcare industry with reliable, cost effective and quality products that help to ensure good clinical practice, we also incorporate the latest in technological advances for better performance.

Fully compliant to International Standards and Guidelines (BS EN 13060:2004 and EN 15883), you can be confident that we aim to provide you with world-class solutions in accordance with UK legislation. The unique feature to upgrade from a non-vacuum (Type N) to a vacuum (Type B) model will guarantee that you will not need to make a brand new purchase inline with pending guidelines for autoclaves.

Prestige Medical’s ranges of bench-top autoclaves are the preferred method for eliminating the risk of cross-infection as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and healthcare professionals.

Prestige Medical providing you peace of mind with our products and services.

Prestige Medical Products (Click for full details)

C3 Advance

Designed and manufactured in accordance with BS EN13060:2004 the C3 Advance is available as a Vacuum(B) or Non-Vacuum (N) unit, sterilising at 134°. It incorporates an upgrade feature (from Type N to Type B) and has the option of a printer and datalogger.


The Classic range is ideal for sterilisation of ‘whole’ instruments at 121° or 134°. A lightweight and compact style of units, these remain the proven choice for healthcare professionals throughout the world.


A Thermal Washer Disinfector with Drying, the UltraClean is one of the few Washer Disinfectors to be fully compliant to the European Standards (EN 15883) set for these products.

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