Philips Sonicare


At 31,000 brush strokes per minute, the Sonicare Elite generates enough vigorous fluid activity to whip toothpaste and saliva into an oxygen-rich foamy liquid which can penetrate between and behind teeth where plaque biofilm can flourish.

These fluid dynamic forces support the outstanding cleaning derived from direct bristle contact with the unique brush head, removing plaque even in hard to reach areas. The Sonicare Elite is the only sonic toothbrush which has been designed with a slim angled neck and tapered brush head, so it moves with ease in the mouth and provides effortless contact interproximally. The bristles are contoured, so they literally ‘hug’ each tooth, and two ‘power tips’ reach even further between the teeth. Impressively, it is clinically proven to be gentler on dentine than a manual toothbrush.

According to many dental professionals, patient compliance is the greatest barrier to improved oral healthcare, however a recent study amongst 3,297 patients and 1,525 dental professionals showed that vs. their previously used toothbrush, Sonicare motivates people to brush more effectively, for longer, because they can see and feel the results more quickly and are motivated to keep up the good work. The Sonicare Elite is clinically proven to significantly reduce tea, coffee and tobacco stains and to help to achieve important longer-term results including fewer cavities, reduction in periodontal pockets and better gingival health.

A 15 year legacy of toothbrush technology has resulted in over 20 million people worldwide benefiting from the use of Sonicare and is backed by more than 140 published studies and abstracts conducted at over 40 universities worldwide.

More information about Sonicare can be found on or by calling 0800 0567 222.

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