Belmont Dental – Voyager

Key Features:

·      Ambidextrous capability across the range.

·      Flexible installation options

·      Base mounted swing-arm delivery system provides the full range of Operator access.

·      FREE Extended Warranty


Voyager II-L appeals to Hygienists and Dentists alike, with equal left- and right-handed compatibility.

Voyager II-L treatment centres are extremely versatile and reliable offering incredible value to all Practices.

By the nature of its ambidextrous design and outstanding ergonomics, it is both a space saving and a very efficient working environment. The central pivot design enables the very easy change over procedure and provides 100% equality for left – and right-handed Operators.

The ‘Flexible System’ allows for the option of both a standard surgery system or alternatively a Cart or Cabinet delivery system is available.

Increase the services that the Practice is able to offer, by choosing one of many factory built-in options.

The reliability of our equipment has earned us brand loyalty the world over. Renowned, durable products made of hygiene conscious materials that are efficient and easy to maintain. Our FREE extended warranties are a declaration of confidence in the sheer reliability of our range.


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