Belmont Dental – Phot-X II

Key Features:

·      Digital or film compatibility

·      Compact user-friendly control panel.

·      Zero drift balance arm.

·      Safety-conscious exposures as low as 0.01 seconds

·      Various installation options available.

·      FREE Extended warranty


Phot-X II DC X-Ray Unit is very user-friendly and simple to operate safely. Radiographer can use the adult/adolescent/child pre-sets or manually override these settings for more challenging exposures.

The well-reputed balance-arm provides excellent stability and reach with zero-drift – assisting with providing the sharpest possible image.

Ideal for digital imaging with safety-conscious exposures as low as 0.01 seconds. Phot-X II is compatible with all digital systems and film types, and switches between digital and film at the push of a button. The Radiographer has greater control over the program and over-exposure error is easily avoided with an expansive range of exposure settings (0.01 to 3.2 seconds).

There’s a wide range of installation options including wall and ceiling mounted, mobile and room type with stool.

The reliability of our equipment has earned us brand loyalty the world over. Renowned, durable products made of hygiene conscious materials that are efficient and easy to maintain. Our FREE extended warranties are a declaration of confidence in the sheer reliability of our range.


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