Belmont Dental – Cleo II

Cleo II

Key Features:

·      Folding legrest allows for perfect patient consultation and provides a compact footprint.

·      Unique clean & prep set up, saving time and reducing patient anxiety.

·      Height adjustable Operators console allows for precise positioning.

·      Available in Air or Electric configurations

·      Available with seamless or luxury upholstery in a wide range of colours

·      FREE Extended Warranty


Advanced technology, supreme ergonomics and the Operator-friendly features of the Cleo II ensure superior control and precision for the dental team.

The flexibility of the Cleo II range ensures that any configuration will equip a dental surgery with the ultimate, complete surgery system. Choose from ‘A’ Air, or ‘E’ Electric operating systems giving you the freedom to tailor your equipment to your personal requirements. In addition, factory built-in options can increase the functionality of a Treatment Centre and the services that Dental Practice offers to Patients.

The unique folding and extending chair provides unrivalled access for both Operator and Patient. Patient well being is also key, so the choice of the recently introduced luxury upholstery option ensures exceptional comfort during treatment.

The reliability of our equipment has earned us brand loyalty the world over. Renowned, durable products made of hygiene conscious materials that are efficient and easy to maintain. Our FREE extended warranties are a declaration of confidence in the sheer reliability of our range.


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