Windsor Centre For Advanced Dentistry

Soft Tissue aesthetics on implants and teeth – the surgical & prosthetic keys to success.

A 3-Day Masterclass with Dr Tidu Mankoo – 25th-27th November 2015


The aim of the course is to provide the participants with an excellent basis in ‘state of the art’ of aesthetic implant dentistry.

·         Diagnosis & Case Assessment & Treatment Planning

·         Bone augmentation, grafting and site development

·         Soft tissue management, flap design, roll flaps, connective tissue grafting

·         Plastic periodontal/mucogingival surgery

·         Root coverage, crown lengthening and ridge augmentation

·         Single tooth restorations in healed sites

·         Single tooth restorations in immediate extraction sites

·         Multiple tooth restoration in healed sites

·         Multiple tooth restoration in immediate replacement

·         Delayed & Immediate implants for failing teeth

·         Immediate provisionalisation

·         Immediate loading

·         Current concepts in abutment design and materials

·         Prosthetic management

·         Current concepts in crown & bridgework design and materials


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