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Roots Dental Lab offer a full laboratory service with an extensive product portfolio (hyperlink:

The term’Roots’ fits in well with our History, we have been servicing the Dental Industry for 35 years now having employed the most competent of technicians and provided the right working environment for our team to flourish.

All our products are manufactured within the UK using the finest raw materials, by GDC registered technicians. We could write that we supply the best quality product but … we let our products do the talking. 

We turned to Damas to give our clients peace of mind. DAMAS is the ‘Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme’. It is a quality management system designed specifically for the manufacturers of custom made dental appliances.

Our reputation has enabled us to work with a number of celebrities in the UK who rely on the best quality products. We have supplied Amir Khan, Haroon Khan, Enzo Maccarinelli, Sam Tomkins, Kel Brook, Kid Galahad and many other stars from the sporting world.

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Kaos Sports Protection (hyperlink:  is a brand brought to you by Roots Dental Laboratory; we are the proud manufacturer and provider of, excellent quality and professionally designed custom made mouth guards, using only the best technology.

Having a skilled, experienced and dedicated team has enabled us to work closely with a number of professional athletes, allowing us to perfect the highest possible standard of mouth guard suitable for all sports. Offer your patients a mouth guard worn by the best.

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