Chrome Cast

At Chrome Cast our GDC registered technicians are experts in creating light and delicate castings where the focus is on quality and precision.
Using Vitallium 2000+ and combining the latest technology we can offer long lasting and durable dentures, whilst ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.
We work hard to obtain and exemplary level of service, and with a combined experience of 74 years within the dental profession, and our teams passion for producing high quality castings, we are able to realise our ambition of being one of the leading dental labs.
We provide all aspects of chrome related appliances for both dental labs and direct to surgeries, as well as specialising in implant and attachment work.
As part of our commitment to offering a premium service we provide a free postal service, allowing swift and cost effective way of accessing our services.
We believe that communication is the key to success and work hard to establish a close customer relationship, assuring you of our best attention at all times, and commitment to excellence.

Phone: 01892 664-669
Email: [email protected]

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