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Thinking of taking part in the Aesthetic treatment revolution?

In recent years medical technology has become accessible in ways unimaginable a decade ago. Advanced aesthetic treatments are now within reach of all consumers. This has brought risks with it that have not yet been properly considered by the regulators.

Many dentists are considering putting their years of training to use in expanding their experience in dental aesthetics to providing further services. Botox and fillers have been simple and obvious choices because of a dentist’s ability to inject, but not everyone wants to have invasive treatment.

Academy of Advanced Aesthetics has attended a number of exhibitions and conferences in recent years and we have spoken to many dentists researching the opportunities for them to offer a broader range of aesthetic treatments.

If you are thinking about offering a range of aesthetic treatments to your client base, then you will realise the importance of quality training to ensure safety and “best practice” for your clients. You will want accredited courses concentrating on the core knowledge behind the treatments rather than a simple instruction course on how to work the machinery by the vendor, accompanied by a Certificate of Attendance. Many insurance companies have seen this as the way forward and are happy to insure our graduates.


Cyrotherapy Induced Lipolysis

Ultrasonic Lipo-Cavitation


Ultrasound for Skin Rejuvenation

Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy

Radio Frequency

Beautiful Image Face Tightening


Acoustic Wave Therapy




Our principal lecturer will be holding a guest lecture at the CCR Expo Conference on Thursday 8th October 2015. Details below:

CCR Expo 2015
Thursday 8th October
Surgical and Non-Surgical Workshop
The Combination of Laser Lipo, Cryotherapy Induced Lipolysis and Acoustic Wave Therapy Delivers Impressive Results More Quickly

By applying these three treatments in conjunction, the aesthetician can accelerate the results of immediate inch loss considerably and reduce intervals between treatments safely. Laser Lipo is known to deliver immediate results if combined with diet and exercise. Cryotherapy Induced Lipolysis breaks down fat cells in targeted areas. It is effective as a body sculpting treatment but is slow on its own to show results. Acoustic Wave Therapy has recently been shown to also be very successful in the effective treatment of cellulite. The treatments are non-invasive and together deliver faster results safely and effectively.



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