Ramtin Taheri

Ramtin Taheri

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Dr Ramtin Taheri received his orthodontic specialist degree from Gothenburg University in 2015. Having studied in one of the only universities in the world that teaches lingual braces at postgraduate level, his interest was peaked in this treatment modality from the start. He currently works in his own private practice, Dental on the Banks, where he treats 90% of his patients with lingual appliances as well as Invisalign which is another one of his big interests. www.dentalonthebanks.co.uk, @dentalonthebanks

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The dangers of direct-to-consumer orthodontics

With the huge rise in DIY orthodontics, or direct-to-consumer solutions available to the UK public, Dr Ramtin Taheri gives us some advice on what to tell your patients. You have most likely encountered advertisements promising to deliver braces to patients to straighten their smile without ever needing to see an orthodontist. This probably sounds too … Continued

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