Neel Chudasama

Neel Chudasama

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Neel Chudasama gained his dental qualification at the University of Leeds in 2007. He continued his training, and in 2009 he was awarded a diploma of membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery. Neel concentrates on cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic orthodontics. He has recently completed the IAS Academy year-long advanced comprehensive orthodontic programme allowing him to treat complex cases whether they be adults or children to the gold standard. Neel works at the Dental Suite in Nottingham.

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Adult orthodontic treatment of a relapsed case

Β Neel Chudasama presents a case to a correct a patient’s upper and lower teeth and a protruding upper right lateral incisor. This case shows an example of orthodontic treatment helping to create a durable, healthy aesthetic result for this middle aged lady. Cedro et al (2010) reported that demand for orthodontic treatment appears to be … Continued

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