Miss Melica Bastani

Miss Melica Bastani

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Mel qualified from the University of Essex in 2018 and has been working full time since in both private and mixed practices. As a new(ish) hygienist to the profession she feels it’s extremely important to have a work life balance so in her spare time she does daily workouts to keep her body and mind healthy. Being in general practice both as a hygienist and as a dental nurse prior has opened her eyes to a lot of challenges that dentistry can bring to a young profession and she feels it necessary to be as supportive and helpful to colleagues as possible.

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Young hygienists – tips to drive a growing career in dentistry and obstacles you’ll face

Melica Bastani gives some advice to new hygienists and therapists on growing their careers and overcoming obstacles in dentistry. As hygienists and therapists we are all hardworking and driven. But we are also well aware that starting your career in dentistry is an undoubtedly bumpy road. For the most part, dental practices have become forward … Continued

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