Lucy Walker

Lucy Walker

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Lucy Walker is a fourth-year dental student at Newcastle University. She grew up in north Yorkshire and decided from a young age that she wanted to pursue a career in dentistry. Her Grandfather and his twin brother were dentists in a family practice in Middlesbrough and Lucy hopes to follow in their footsteps. Upon completion of her A-level examinations at Malton Sixth Form in 2017 she moved to Newcastle Upon Tyne to begin her professional journey. Aside from studying, Lucy enjoys sport, reading and spending time with her three miniature dachshunds. As she heads into her final year of dental school, she looks forward to continuing to develop her skills and learning more about the dental profession.

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Virtual elective ā€“ a ‘highly rewarding’ experience

Lucy Walker discusses her unique experience of a virtual elective as she finished her fourth year at Newcastle University. Traditionally the last couple of weeks of the summer term at Newcastle dental school would involve the fourth-year dental students embarking on their electives. However, as Iā€™m sure you can guess, the COVID pandemic dashed any … Continued

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