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Khalil Hussein

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Khalil Hussein BSc, MChiro is a chiropractor based in London. He is also a part owner of Bridge Dental Practice in Isleworth with his wife and brother in law who are both dentists. He specialises in helping people in all types of pain, including TMJ problems. He works with patients in person and online from all over the world. He has also written several articles based on musculoskeletal pain in dentistry. His Instagram is @khalilchiro and his website can be found at
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Not just posture: causes of musculoskeletal pain

Khalil Hussein discusses musculoskeletal pain in dentistry by assessing the potential causes in daily work life Perfect posture does not exist, and even if it did its perceived importance would have little significance compared to what was once thought. There is currently no standard definition of what ‘good or bad’ posture is, and even less evidence … Continued

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