Jack Losh

Jack Losh

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Jack Losh is a British freelance journalist, with a focus on conflict-zone reporting and humanitarian issues. He writes for The Guardian, Newsweek, The Times, The Washington Post and others, having worked extensively in eastern Ukraine as well as Iraqi Kurdistan, the Caucasus and central Asia. His documentaries for The Guardian have been shown at international film festivals, while both his print and broadcast work have been shortlisted at top-tier journalism awards.
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Dentistry on the front line

Jack Losh. Jack Losh reports from Ukraine, explaining how dentistry is being offered to people on the front line. Inside, the clinic feels as familiar as ever. Dentists in pristine scrubs tend to patients reclining in padded chairs. Next to them, cabinets are filled with syringes, scalers, probes and pluggers. But outside, the sound of … Continued

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