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    Ambridge Ceramics,

    • Outstanding Quality
    • Multi-Award Winning
    • Technology-Leading Cosmetic and Implant Dental Laboratory
    • Yorkshire, UK Based


    1. The company has been around an Outstanding 33 Years,
    2. Owned by R Mark Ambridge RDT who is also the Managing Director, head ceramist, BACD representative for Yorkshire and the Digital Dental Society-UK technician director.
    3. Ambridge Ceramics invests in the finest skills and experience within the industry, providing the best quality for the most successful dentist and patient outcomes on a daily basis

    Its technicians are renowned for delivering restorations crafted with a combination of scientific expertise and artistic care.

    It offers crown, bridge and implant services from single unit restorations through to full complex case planning, with diagnostic assessments and highly personal and technical implant restorations. Ambridge Ceramics prides itself on enhancing the dentist and patient experience through delivering award-winning dental restoration craftsmanship.

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