Fast Track 4 – 2021 winners

fast track 4Announcing the winners of this year’s Fast Track 4! We find out a little more about their entries and why they won.

Balraj Sohal

Balraj Sohal qualified from King’s College London in 2018 and is now working at Ridgway Dental, Wimbledon Village. 

During his career so far, Balraj has built up an already impressive CV, including winning Best Young Dentist at the Dentistry Awards and Private Dentistry Awards.

‘My passion for dentistry has never been stronger,’ Balraj points out. ‘I aim on developing my skills further by participating in additional courses.’

Entry summary

Balraj’s entry demonstrated:

  • Passion – a dentist who strives for improvement by regularly attending courses to further his skillset
  • Service – contributing to the wider community beyond dentistry – charity work and ambassadorial roles
  • Teaching – giving back to King’s and helping other young dentists develop by sharing cases, knowledge and assisting teaching courses
  • Achievement – winning awards, balancing the responsibilities of teaching, charity work and running a business.  

Ajay Dhunna

After graduating in 2018 from Cardiff, Ajay Dhunna embarked on a journey towards clinical excellence very quickly. He describes this as a journey that involved learning as much as possible as well as giving back to the local and dental community.

Ajay wanted to get as involved with as much ‘out of work’ dental projects as possible to ensure he gets the best experience possible. 

He has undertaken many courses that help him to continue on his journey, which is ever evolving.

Entry summary 

The judges rated this entry due to Ajay’s:

  • Innovative ideas, including implementing a digital workflow within the practice he works at
  • Using research to help reduce the consumption of sugary sports supplements and drinks within the sports community
  • Regular writing of newsletters and attending company events to educate tutors and children from a child tuition company on the importance of oral health at a young age
  • Continued self-improvement across multiple areas of dentistry.  

Sorabh Patel

Sorabh Patel is a young dentist whose ethos is around providing ethical restorative dentistry using a minimally invasive approach. His patient care is centred around this principle.

He states: ‘Professionally, I want my work to speak for me. I’ve never been naturally talented at much but I have gained a ridiculous work ethic from my parents who both worked two jobs to help get me through university.

‘Seeing what they endured first-hand just reinforced my drive. I couldn’t let them down and my passion alone wouldn’t be enough to push me.’

Entry summary

The points that really helped to set Sorabh’s entry apart include:

  • Co-founding the Deciduous social media group to help mentor and guide young dentists
  • First ever student to win a dental industry award with Toothwise
  • Inspiring others by speaking on his experiences of dentistry, mental health and personal struggles
  • Becoming a principal during lockdown.  

Chandni Nakum

Chandni Nakum is a young dentist on a journey to ‘transform smiles from within’.

Alongside her Instagram and Twitter accounts, Chandni has created a Youtube account to provide weekly lessons on all things dental. The videos, for the general public, aim to break down complex oral health issues into bite-size, simple and easy ways to understand more about their teeth.

Entry summary

The elements of Chandni’s entry that really stood out included her:

  • Formulating of a new phone app for staff at work to log all stock
  • Dedication to spread the importance of oral health to patients
  • Evidence of dental volunteering, helping schoolchildren and people in slums in Cambodia before starting her own charity called Smile from Within
  • Continued self-improvement across multiple areas of dentistry.

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