Myitero lab workflow – a ‘major advance’ in communication and efficiency

Align Technology has launched its 'Myitero workflow', designed to significantly improve the collaboration between dental practices and laboratoriesAlign has launched Myitero workflow to assist lab work.

Align Technology has launched an enhanced laboratory workflow, designed to significantly improve the collaboration between dental practices and laboratories. It can lead to increased efficiency, better accuracy, enhanced communication and a faster turnaround for both parties.

At the heart of the new workflow sits the cloud-based platform. This enables the laboratory to receive scans within minutes. It allows them to review and communicate with the dentists in real time, while the patient is still in the chair.

It provides the laboratory with increased flexibility to manage the restorative workflow, ultimately enhancing patient communication and outcomes, and reducing the need for multiple revisits.

A collaborative, fast and efficient system for better end results

According to Steven Campbell, president of the United Kingdom Dental Laboratories Association: ‘The new workflow allows technicians to work on immediate scan enhancements and make timely modifications to their milled models, saving at least a day, if not more, on cases. Scans can be received and reviewed within minutes, rather than the previous timeline of eight to 48 hours.’

As an early user of the new workflow, Campbell observed some of the benefits in his lab and amongst customers. As he explains: ‘In my opinion the Myitero workflow is a major advance in direct communication with dental surgeons, so that they can make the adjustments needed while the patient is still in the dental chair. It allows us to work more collaboratively, as well as to create a convincing and effective proposition to offer patients.

‘Our restoration remake rate is the lowest it has ever been, and it is purely down to communication. We now have a tool that allows us to send the whole design to the surgeons. They can view it in their own time, inspect it from all angles.’

Easy system

He adds: ‘From this they can make an informed decision and request rapid changes. This reduces stress, saves time, product wastage and postage, as well as prevents disappointments regarding patient treatment. With the Itero intraoral scanner, the digital workflow process is fully mapped out, ready and mature.’

Ashley Byrne is another early adopter of the new Myitero workflow. He is head of one of the largest laboratories in the UK, Byrnes Dental Lab in Oxfordshire.

He explains how this has enabled him to work in a stress-free environment: ‘For labs, the Itero intraoral scanner provides an easy system to work with when starting in digital. We are talking about the quality of margins, the accuracy, the delivery of reliable results, and seamless file transfers.’

How enhanced collaboration can support lab technicians and dentists post-COVID-19

To Ashley Byrne and Steven Campbell, the benefits of this new workflow are extremely timely and pertinent to the new post- COVID-19 environment. Ashley commented: ‘Post COVID-19, dentists want to keep patient visits to a necessary minimum. This is why it is critical to work with tools that make you and the dentists efficient whilst reducing the footfall in dental practices.’

Steven Campbell added that many labs who have gone digital have freed up extra time for themselves. They have their increased efficiency, meaning they are more competitive and will eventually take work from the analogue labs.

MyiTero workflow available across the EMEA region

The new workflow is now available across UK and Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and across other countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa. For more information, please visit or contact your local Itero representative.

Coming soon

Coming soon, the productivity of the Myitero platform will increase for laboratory users of Exocad design software. Users of both the Myitero platform and exocad software will be able to pair their accounts to allow the automatic import of Itero scans and prescription data into Exocad DentalDB.

This eliminates the step of exporting cases from Key Myitero features such as “return case to doctor” will be available from Exocad DentalDB. Itero services and 3D case preview functionality can be launched from the same case management screen.

A live demonstration of the Myitero workflow and forthcoming exocad integration, along with lectures from industry leaders, will take place at the exocad Insights 2020 conference in Darmstadt, Germany on 21-22 September 2020.

For more information on how to participate, please visit:

This article first appeared in Laboratory magazine. You can read the latest issue here. 

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