The importance of innovative dental supplies with Kent Express

Dental SuppliesThe build-up to the new year saw a huge number of changes which positively influenced the dental industry for 2020 and beyond. Innovative dental supplies are more in demand than ever.

As time moves forward, change is inevitable and dentists across the country have certainly embraced the latest advancements in technology. From using the most innovative dental supplies, to changing how their practices operate. Dentists are now offering patients a more efficient service and a wider range of treatments than ever before.

As we set our sights towards the new year, it’s easy to forget how far the industry has come. From changing to digital records, to using modern technology, it’s safe to say that the profession of dentistry has come a long way. Having entered yet another decade, we thought it would be wise to take a step back and appreciate how far the industry has come. We’ll discuss how technology, the internet and an interesting change in demand for dental treatments has shaped dentistry into the modern industry we see today.

Let’s talk technology

We face a never-ending race with innovation to turn even the smallest of challenges into an even simpler task. We live in a time where convenience is more prominent than ever before and this has certainly crossed over into the world of dentistry. From digital patient records, to common computer aided treatments, there’s a lot that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ in a dental practice which patients may overlook.

The internet

Up next is the internet. You can now find dental practices online along with useful information for patients such as opening hours and available treatments. Many dentists even promote themselves on social media to increase the awareness of their practices having realised the impact social media can have. Raising awareness is key and the power of social media is more prominent than ever.

Let’s take into consideration that if a new business opened today, regardless of the industry, it would intrigue you to see if they have a social media page. But what about 10 years ago? Chances are it wouldn’t have been the first thing a customer would have looked for, but the end of 2019 would certainly tell a different story. With social media pages being free to set up, why turn down free advertising? It may even be the reason for the shift in demand for a particular type of dental treatment…

Dental treatments

What are we referring to? Cosmetics! As it stands, some of the most popular treatments include teeth whitening, enamel abrasion, enamel bonding, veneers and dental implants. Such demand stems from more and more people wanting that true Hollywood smile. Such treatments wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for development in technology. A typical day for dentists a few years ago may have been multiple check-ups and a few fillings. Now however, the modern dentist has more appointments surrounding cosmetics and the demand only seems to be growing!

Dentistry has seen a lot of changes over the years with technology and demand for cosmetics certainly leading the way. So what can dentists expect to see more of in 2020? Research tells us both cosmetic dental treatment and dental technology will see continued growth this year. It’s up to suppliers such as Kent Express to ensure we have the right dental supplies to help your practice. And meet patient demand!

Kent Express Dental Supplies

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