Dentistry’s game changers – Nik Sethi on composite and curing lights

To celebrate 25 years of Dentistry magazine, we’ve asked leading dental professionals for their game-changing innovation that shaped their career. In this article we asked Nik Sethi what his game-changing product is.

Nik Sethi qualified in 2009 from Kings College London.

After finishing his masters in aesthetic dentistry he went on to really enjoy composite bonding and smile makeovers.

He is currently the practice principal at Square Mile Dental Centre in London.


I have been qualified 10 years and a decade has flown by!

I have tried and tested hundreds of materials along my journey, and now reflecting back, it is clear to see that the best products just tend to last the rest of time.

My practice focus is adhesive dentistry and consequently we have utilised a lot of composite resin.

Using Venus Diamond since 2011 has been a game changer for me.

This material just keeps on going.

I have eight-year reviews of incredibly large direct restorations that are still defying the odds for cuspal coverage in composite.

Curing light

But a composite cannot last without a quality light curing unit.

After my extensive research on lights for my masters dissertation, I became obsessed with the Valo light cure unit.

This has been a beast!

Predictable power and it is almost indestructible.

I have really pushed my luck with this light and it just doesn’t break!

The combination of a quality hard wearing material and a powerful curing unit have therefore had a significant impact in building my reputation in London.

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