John Cranham and Ian Buckle host treatment planning workshop at Stars of Dentistry

Debuting together at Stars of Dentistry 2016, Dr John C Cranham and Dr Ian Buckle join the line-up once more on Friday 23 June.

Presenting a lecture to all attendees on interdisciplinary dentistry, they will also be hosting a workshop on treatment planning for complex cases.

The session is designed to build on the principles and concepts taught in the opening lecture by providing practical solutions for larger cases and more complex treatment.

Based on the patient’s needs and expectations, comprehensive treatment planning and sequencing often requires that treatment be phased over time.

At the same time we do not want to compromise the end result.


Step by step


John and Ian will describe a step by step process that allows cases to planned systematically, how and when to communicate with specialists and how to monitor and control the progress of your cases to obtain optimum results.

You will learn:

  • The importance of shared treatment goals
  • How to plan cases for optimum function and aesthetics
  • How to develop a schedule for treatment that suits the patient and you
  • The use of transitional restorations
  • The keys to long term success.

This workshop is open to all attendees for a small additional cost.

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