View and manipulate live CBCT scans from your mobile

PACS Cloud Viewer: any device, any browser, anytime, anywhere.

PACS makes it possible for you to view and manipulate scans on mobile devices, including tablets and high-end mobile phones.

You will be able to share 3D CBCT scans with colleagues and patients instantly, without downloading complicated software.

The system is cloud-based, so you can view and manipulate scans anywhere and at any time.

Our technicians will prepare images for you that include highlighting the inferior dental canal and image rotation according to the area of interest.

Further developments can be added to the base platform, such as placing virtual implants, ordering surgical guides and 3D models online.

CT Dent launched its first UK dental scanning centre in London in 2007.

It addressed a real need amongst dentists, before CT Dent opened there had been no independent dental scanning centres in the UK.

Dentists without a scanning facility in practice had to resort to sending patients to a hospital for a conventional CT scan with 20 times the radiation.

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