Explore the new verifiable CPD courses available on the Colgate® Professional website

Colgate® Professional, your partner in oral health, invites you to explore their library of verifiable Continuing Professional Development materials and take advantage of other valuable educational resources. Visit www.colgateprofessional.co.uk and click on the “Professional Education” button to gain verifiable CPD on a wide range of topics including:

Care for Caries in Older Patients

View an educational symposium, providing evidence based and practical advice on effective prevention and management of caries within an ageing patient base. This presentation will also provide dental professionals with the opportunity to understand the increasing challenges in oral health from an ageing population.

A Professional’s insight into the Latest Electric Toothbrushing Technology

This presentation covers current concepts in toothbrushing, challenges in achieving optimal oral hygiene, risk factors associated with ineffective toothbrushing, how the latest innovation from Colgate® can assist patients with more effective toothbrushing, and how the Colgate® ProClinical® electric toothbrush range can improve the oral health of patients. There is also an opportunity to review a special edition of the Journal of Clinical Dentistry.

DHS in the Dental Surgery

Join Professor David Bartlett to learn more about how to manage DHS with this interesting and informative overview including personal experiences of dentine hypersensitivity and how his own perceptions around risk factors have evolved. This broadcast also looks at epidemiology and aetiology before moving to reviewing measurement methods and underlying conditions as contributing factors. Professor Bartlett also reviews available technologies and treatment options for simple, complex and resistant cases.

In addition to continuing professional development, the Colgate® Professional website provides a wealth of information and resources to support your clinical practice including: educational materials for patients, detailed product information, free samples and the latest oral health news.

Get started today by visiting www.colgateprofessional.co.uk

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