Visions and planning

business-metaphorLaura Horton discusses the types of business visions dentists can have and how to plan and communicate the vision to the team to aid in your success.

I spend two days a month helping dentists with their visions. I love it hence this article to share my experiences.

When working with a client, their vision is either non-existent, stagnant or complete.


These business owners have been doing what they do for a great deal of time and things have been ticking along nicely but things have become inconsistent and the inconsistency is affecting their work/life balance. They usually have a long-standing team but everyone is yearning for a bit more – this always links to motivation and job satisfaction. Job satisfaction for the dentist is doing the dentistry they enjoy, and for the team it is always about patient care.

Stagnant visions

These are the ones where the big picture just didn’t happen. There are always many reasons for this and these clients always excite me as it is easy to re-gain the passion for the big picture but this time they have someone to help them get there.

Complete visions

These people have been working hard on their big picture and made it happen, but now they do not know where to go, and do not want to become stagnant. They know they need to keep moving forward but are unsure of their vision and are about to be, or are already, back in the non-existent vision stage.


When you are presenting a vision to your team it can often be overwhelming for them as many business owners relate their vision to the financial target only. The team is left wondering how do they get there.

It is important when you design your vision to break your business into key sections.

We break the business into seven key areas.

Area one being the effective business map – this section takes the most time and is about the big picture and the leadership required to get there.

Next we move onto the part we feel of most importance such as HR. Do you have the right team in place to get you there, what development or up-skilling do they need to help you achieve the vision? Or it could be marketing or financial planning that is required

Wherever you are with your vision, from stagnant to complete, if you wish to move your business forward, take time out to plan and break your business into seven key areas and vision plan each area thoroughly. This is the vision you present to the team, this vision will engage and excite them and you will know that they are truly on board.

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